A phenomenon of the critical factors of accounting information system (AIS) effectiveness

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  • 2017
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  • The complexity of the Government's environment provides greater challenges in making the AIS effective. Prior studies have reported many and inconsistent determinants of system effectiveness, as well as its measurement. This study intends to fill the gaps by understanding the phenomenon of the critical factors of AIS effectiveness for an on-going and stable system. This includes exploring the critical factors of AIS effectiveness and examining the factors that significantly influence the phenomenon. In addition, the condition of the identified factors is investigated based on perceived importance versus perceived performance. The effectiveness of AIS in this study is viewed from the perspective of user satisfaction. This study was conducted using multiple methods (qualitative and quantitative). The qualitative method includes group discussions, observation and semi-structured interviews. The qualitative findings were used to develop a survey questionnaire for the quantitative study on a larger scale.This study contributes to the literature by presenting a comprehensive measure of AIS effectiveness using a user satisfaction approach. In addition, the results emphasise the AIS main components that are crucial for the achievement of an effective system, which are user commitment, technology support function and teamwork. Furthermore, this study is different to earlier studies in that its findings uncover additional factors that are antecedents for the critical factors of AIS effectiveness. Moreover, the perceived importance-performance gap shows the benefit of the assessment in providing a strategic direction for management. Overall,this study has shed light on the investigated phenomenon by offering: a comprehensive measure of AIS effectiveness; the factors important in achieving an effective system; and further action to be taken by the management and the system's users on each of those factors. Thus, in addition to academic literature contributions,practitioners will also derive benefits from the findings of this study.
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