Help with STAX

How do I find material in STAX?

Files in STAX can be accessed by searching or browsing in STAX itself (using the Search STAX box at the top of the window), or by searching in our main Library catalogue, SUPrimo.

The search limits on the left-hand side allow you to limit your search, e.g. to particular types of resource, specific departments, or specific dates.

How do I download a thesis or exam paper?

Click the ‘Download PDF’ link in the page for the thesis or exam paper you want to view.

For some theses and all exam papers, you will need to log in with your DS username and password. Click the Login link at the top-right corner of the window.

What does it mean if a thesis is under moratorium?

Some theses in STAX are under a temporary moratorium, at the request of the author and/or their academic supervisor. If a thesis is under moratorium this will be indicated in the record and the file will not be available to download until the moratorium has expired.

How do I find a thesis that is not in STAX?

Some theses in the theses collection are only available in print format. These can be found by searching in our main Library catalogue, SUPrimo. See our page on the Library’s Theses Collection for more information.

How do I add my thesis to STAX?

See our Thesis Submission page for information on how to upload your thesis for deposit in the Library’s Theses Collection. Please note that STAX is for theses submitted for higher research and doctoral degrees. It does not include Honours dissertations or theses submitted as part of taught postgraduate courses.