Investigating governmental (public sector) performance management in Egypt

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 2010
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  • T12739
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  • This thesis aims to find the best way to manage performance in Egypt as it is the home country of the author in which the governmental (public sector) has a lot to learn, compared to other more developed counterparts, bearing in mind its cultural aspects. The purpose of this research is to set the scene with respect to Egypt and to submit the key research question, “How governmental (Public Sector) performance is managed in Egypt?" An investigation was conducted through interviews with Egyptian Public Officials, by surfing the net for opinions of Egyptians in forums and through newspapers, journals and books, in order to answer the research question. A gap in terms of accountability; consequently in terms of the governmental (public sector) performance management, was identified in Egypt between the points of view of the government and the citizens. This gap introduces three secondary research questions that help in answering the initial research question. Those questions are: a) Why do gaps exist in terms of performance management? b) What is the impact of these gaps on Egyptian society? c) What should be done to overcome the gaps? This research is a qualitative, single case-study research. It is a deductive and explanatory one; as it explains more relationships between causes and effects in governmental (public sector) performance management in Egyptian society and tests the theory of governmental (public sector) performance management. The quality of the research is tested by defining the evaluation criteria and the specific research tactics early in the process. These criteria and tactics guided all the activities carried out during this study.
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  • Bititci, Umit S.
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  • 2010
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  • 820751