Categorisation of Persian mosques by shape grammar

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 2010
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  • T12940
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  • In this research, a shape grammar for Persian mosque is developed. This grammar breaks down the geometry of the given plans into their constituent parts and allows these parts to be analysed individually. This shape grammar supplies each plan under consideration a constructive description, that is, a set of operations by means of which the plan could be generated from the initial shape. The shape rules and the classes they defined are the basis for a rigorous and substantial analysis of the formal composition of Persian mosque designs. Moreover, they are used for reproducing the plans. The result provides a classification of Persian mosque plans which is not only precise, but also flexible and by no means restricted to other factors, such as climate, material and so on.
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  • This thesis was previously held under moratorium from 6th February 2012 until 6th February 2014.
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  • 2010
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  • 846471