Call her slim : an original novel with critical commentary

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 2011
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  • T12972
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  • The thesis consists of an original novel and a critical commentary on the novel.Original novel: Call Her Slim.A contemporary espionage thriller set in multiple international locations, Call HerSlim depicts a hypothetical false flag operation co-ordinated by several Westernintelligence agencies in order to discredit and undermine the current Libyan regime.The narrative focuses upon a female ‘sleeper’ agent, an unwitting suicide bomber,illustrating her systematic manipulation by the UK intelligence apparatus and thebetrayal by those close to her in assisting this end. More generally, the novel depictsan act of covert State-Sponsored Terrorism and how a civilian might becomeentangled in the operations of intelligence services.Critical CommentaryThe commentary discusses the submitted novel in the broader context of ‘the post-9/11 novel’. The commentary defines characteristics of the post-9/11 novel commonto both thrillers and literary fiction with a thriller element. To date, studies on theAmerican ‘9/11 novel’ or post-9/11 novels neither focus upon nor incorporate thepost-9/11 thriller novel. This commentary extends the focus of the debate to thrillers,and also into the literary field of utopianism, in considering how the post-9/11 novelmay be interpretable in terms of dystopian discourse.
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