Development of a low power ultrasonic data acquisition and imaging system

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 1988
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  • T6217
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  • The theoretical and practical development of a low power ultrasonic data acquisition and imaging system designed for peak power limited applications is presented. The system drastically reduces transducer excitation levels used in conventional ultrasonic detection systems (from a few hundred volts to less than 5 volts) without sacrificing signal to noise ratio by utilising dual Golay code matched filtering. A new, entirely digital hardware approach is adopted in the implementation to achieve high processing speed, accuracy and versatility. A new, comprehensive theoretical appraisal of such a discrete time system is conducted and the hardware developed based on the concepts discussed is described together with experimental verification of its performance. A system that is free of most forms of coherent and non-coherent contaminating noise is shown to be practically feasible. Additionally, an implementation technique for combining both signal to noise ratio and resolution enhancement is proposed and experimentally verified.Practical, array based imaging and image processing strategies are developed. Finally, real images of various weakly reflecting targets are presented to demonstrate the performance of the entire low power imaging unit. It is believed that this comprehensive and practical demonstration of a low power and high signal to noise ratio ultrasonic imaging system will help to significantly widen the application areas of ultrasonic testing.
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  • 1988
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  • 991980633402996