The adoption of the marketing concept in the Iraqi food industry

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  • 1988
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  • The rapid growth of the agricultural marketing activities of the public sector in Iraq hasvfurnished a backlog of experience which, if refurbished, may help to establish policiesvthat would gUide future activities relating to agriculture. Thus, one of the thesis objectives is to provide individuals concerned with planning, execution and management of agricultural marketing and agro-industrial activities with guidelines for identification, formulation, evaluation and implementation of progranunes which could be realistically adopted. The objective of this study is to help development policy-makers and planners in Iraq evaluate proposed changes in the food marketing system by enabling them to compare and contrast different alternatives in terms of efficiency for producers, consumers and intermediaries. A review of the present situation is given to indicate how better efforts and policies can be strengthened. Thus, a priority of this thesis is to bring attention of the central planners towards the importance of marketing in an attempt to improve present policy by expanding awareness in influential circles of what it means, who is involved and how it operates. In addition to an analysis of secondary data the thesis describes the collection and evaluation of empirical information obtained through field research in Iraq. As the food marketing structure in Iraq is a mixture of traditional types of institutions and modern ones which operate mainly in the city centres, an evaluation of the various food and agricultural marketing Institutions of Iraq is therefore undertaken. The thesis aim is to facilitate an understanding of how and why the various institutions operate in the local and foreign markets. This has determined the extent to which existing institutions can or could contribute towards a significant improvement in the food marketing system. In spite of voluminous writing on the subject of marketing in developing countries, none have yet written a critique of official policy on marketing of agricultural products and the food Industry in Iraq.
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  • 1988
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