Cultural theory, social arena, accountingisation and value-based organisations : exploring risk perceptions and risk reporting of statutory organisations in Malaysia

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 2008
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  • T12083
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  • The purpose of this research is to explore risk perceptions and risk reporting of statutory organisations in Malaysia. The methodologies employed are inductive and cooperative inquiry. This study is qualitative due to the subjective interpretivist position on risk perceptions and risk reporting adopted. The research technique is a case study of two case organisations, namely the Pilgrims Fund and the Armed Forces Fund. Within the case study, the research methods are inter-views, questionnaires and documentary review. Findings showed that there is a significant relationship between risk perception and the amount of risk reported by both organisations. This is in accordance with cultural theory. Although reported risks are voluntarily disclosed by both organisations, the Pilgrims Fund was not as transparent as its stakeholders expected. There seems to be accountingisation of the value-based Pilgrims Fund. Risk reporting is shifting to comply with the economic-based regulatory mechanism. The stakeholders reacted by requesting more disclosure. The Pilgrims Fund responded by producing alternative reporting. Meanwhile, the Armed Forces Fund seems to be more transparent and more uniform in its risk disclosure. There is less reaction from the stakeholders. There seems to be minimal impact of accountingisation since the Armed Forces Fund has economic-based objectives, in line with the rationality of its stakeholders. Within each arena, the inter-relationships between the different policy systems conform to the social arena metaphor. Dependent on their resources and interests, issue amplifiers highlight the risk information shared by the actors and the rule enforcer with other policy systems within the arena. As a conclusion, this research extends the applicability of cultural theory and the social arena metaphor to both case organisations operating within a single nation.
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  • 2008
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