Subject relativizers in early modern drama, a study based on the visualizing English print project parsed corpus of early modern drama

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 2018
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  • T15075
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  • 201550819
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  • This dissertation is an attempt to make the most of recent developments in natural language processing and vast resources of texts of early modern drama recently released by Early English Books Online - Text Creation Partnership (EEBO-TCP). Specifically, compiling a syntactically parsed corpus of early modern drama consisting of 1,244 plays, this dissertation seeks to improve the performance of a syntactic parser on EEBO-TCP texts to conduct large-scale research on early modern relativization. Special emphasis will be placed on retrieval of subject zero relativizers, which, being invisible in texts, are often assumed to be impossible to collect automatically.;It will be demonstrated that subject zero relativizers can indeed be retrieved automatically if we run texts through a syntactic parser; that in order to maximize the capability of the parser to locate relativizers, EEBO-TCP texts have to undergo several layers of text processing that affects historical spelling, contracted forms and punctuation; that the parsed corpus enables us to see the distribution of relativizers across genres and from a diachronic perspective as well as from a perspective of linguistic contexts in which they are employed.
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  • Hope, Jonathan
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  • 2018
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