Localisation : the appointment of host country nationals to replace expatriates

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 1997
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  • T9218
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  • This study seeks to identify and analyse issues which arise as organisations appoint local nationals to replace foreign workers. This is a subject of deep interest to many international and domestic organisations operating in countries which employ a substantial number of expatriates. It is also of interest to governments which wish to create employment opportunities for their own nationals and reduce their dependence upon expatriates. It has not been of much interest to academics if one is to judge interest by the amount of information published. This may be because it is a sensitive topic involving information which is difficult and expensive to produce. It follows a qualitative approach to generate methods of investigation which enable the researcher to persuade respondents to give their opinions on the process. The study required the researcher to display great sensitivity to cultural norms and expectations of the respondents and their employing organisations. It also required building trust and rapport with individuals to induce them to talk about personal views and beliefs. It explores related issues within the field of International Human Resource Management, especially those regarding training and development, loyalty and socialisation, and motivation of staff in times of change. The study was conducted in the Banking sector of the UAE with additional material from other locations. The researcher interviewed 60 senior staff of the participating banks as well as senior government officials, business people and several middle level staff. He also attempted questionnaire based surveys and focus group discussions. Those interviewed and surveyed were host country nationals, Western expatriates and non-Western expatriates. A substantial amount of information has been produced and analysed. Useful propositions for effective localisation have been suggested. Although the focus of the study has been Banking in the UAE the intention of the study is to produce insights and suggestions which are intended to be of use in other locations and other industries. He intends that the research will prove of value to researchers and practitioners dealing with localisation and the management of Host Country Nationals and expatriates.
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  • 1997
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  • 537516