Development of atomic magnetometry towards unshielded sensors

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 2020
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  • T15556
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  • 201687608
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  • This thesis describes experiments in double-resonance magnetometry with aview to the development of future portable magnetic sensors. Two experimental setups - shielded and unshielded - are described, as well as design choicesthat facilitate scalability to compact, portable sensors. This work includes several techniques to mitigate noise or otherwise improve sensitivity. Maintaining the sensitivity of the device has been prioritised while incorporating miniaturised components, and a sensitivity of 2 pT/√ Hz has been achieved in the unshielded environment. Additionally, the bandwidth of the sensor has been found to be 520 Hz. An iterative optimisation routine for the improvement of field homogeneity produced by static field coils is presented, aswell as procedures for the characterisation of microfabricated atomic vapour cells. A technique to address periodic noise has been developed and has successfully suppressed noise arising from the 50 Hz mains AC line, with 22 dB noise suppression achieved between 45 and 55 Hz. Two magnetic gradiometry configurations are also discussed, and preliminary results presented, with an outlook to further development.
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  • Riis, Erling
  • Griffin, Paul
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  • 2020
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  • 9912916492902996