Understanding inequalities : research design, methods, theory and impact - an emerging narrative for social change?

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 2023
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  • T16759
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  • 202073609
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  • This submission presents a collection of research papers that have explored different aspects of inequality over a substantive period of time. The commentary accompanying these papers argues that there is an emergent, mainly implicit but coherent underpinning narrative. This is informed by an increased theoretical understanding of both research design and the overall purpose of research as being to create understanding capable of challenging and reducing inequality within society. The commentary seeks to illustrate the ways in which the research process can be seen as evolving from one that moved from more narrow positivist and functionalist responses to solving problems to one capable of recognising complexity and embracing more collaborative research processes to effect wider social change. This has also required a commitment to evolving different approaches to engaging with research collaborators and of working with participants to generate useful qualitative data. While this narrative is incomplete and evolving it is argued as offering substantive and purposeful challenge to existing often unchallenged approaches to research.
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  • Klein, Markus
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