Nonlinear predictive restricted structure control

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  • University of Strathclyde.
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  • 2021
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  • T16075
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  • 201666387
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  • This thesis defines new developments in predictive restricted structure control for industrial applications. It begins by describing the augmented system for both state-space and polynomial model descriptions. These descriptions can contain the plant model, the disturbance model, and any additional essential model subsystems. It then describes the predictive restricted structure control solution for both linear and nonlinear systems in state-space form. The solution utilizes the recent development in nonlinear predictive generalized minimum variance by adding a general operator subsystem that defines nonlinear system along with the linear or the linear parameter varying output subsystem. The next contribution is the polynomial predictive restricted structure control algorithm for polynomial linear parameter varying model that may result from nonlinear equations or experimental data-driven model identification. This algorithm utilizes the generalised predictive control method to approximate and control nonlinear systems in the linear parameter varying system inputoutput transfer operator matrices. The solution is simple in unconstrained and constrained optimization solutions and required a small computing capacity. Four examples have been chosen to test the algorithms for different nonlinear characteristics. In the first three examples, state-space versions of the algorithm for the linear, the quasi-linear parameter varying and the state-dependent were employed to control the quadruple tank process, electronic throttle body, and the continuous stirred tank reactors. In the last example, the polynomial linear parameter varying restricted structure controller is used to control automotive variable camshaft timing system.
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  • Grimble, Michael
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