Computational fluid dynamics study of erosion processes

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 2017
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  • T14774
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  • 201283947
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  • A very large number of papers have been published on erosion for over 50 years. For the first time, a series of geometry independent tools and methodologies have been developed to calculate erosion and its associated mesh deformation in any three dimensional domain. The software used for development is verified first against the literature and Ansys Fluent. An error was found in the implementation of the Lagrangian phase in Fluent which was corrected in a later version. It is suspected that the error affects a large number of CFD publications in which the Discrete Phase Model was used. An experimental methodology and test-rig that is able to erode samples at mass concentrations ranging from 1% to 7% were developed and repeatability confirmed through testing. Despite not being able to use the test-rig due to technical issues, erosion associated deformation was validated from the literature, confirming the appearance of a new stagnation area as the wear scar deepens in the Jet Impingement Test. The algorithm was also applied to centrifugal slurry pumps in combination with state of the art erosion modeling and its results validated through visual inspection of eroded models.
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  • Dempster, William
  • Stickland, Matthew
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  • Previously held under moratorium from 7 December 2017 until 24 February 2022
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  • 2017
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