Verifying Authenticity: Blockchain Technology as a tool to rebuild consumer trust in brand authenticity claims.

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 2022
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  • T16215
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  • 202089717
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  • Consumer trust in brand claims of authenticity is at an all-time low due to an influx of marketing techniques effectively muddling claims of authenticity. The study explores the potential for Blockchain Technology (BCT) to act as a tool to rebuild consumer trust in brand authenticity claims and re-establish strong consumer-brand relationships through its core capabilities of providing increased traceability and transparency of products. The study utilises a qualitative methodology consisting of ten semi-structured exploratory interviews with consumers to explore the initial reaction to BCT as a tool to reinstall consumer trust in brand authenticity claims. Participants were selected utilising non-probability convenience methods and results were subject to a thematic analysis carried out by the researcher. The study offers key insights into the possibility of Blockchain Technology positively enhancing the consumer-brand relationship by increasing trust in brand authenticity claims. It is found within the study that for Blockchain Technology to be effective in this role, steps need to be taken to secure perceptions of usefulness, usability and data security of the technology within the consumer’s mind. The study identifies that Blockchain Technology is best implemented and offers the strongest impact on consumer-brand relationships when utilised on high-risk, high-involvement purchases. A further finding of the paper is the capabilities for Blockchain Technology to positively rebuild brand reputations if adopted in the technology’s early stages of consumer acceptance. The study highlights the need for further empirical research on consumer reactions to Blockchain Technology when applied to consumer products and the potential lasting effect that application of technology will have on the consumer brand relationship. Keywords: Blockchain Technology, Brand Authenticity, Consumer Trust, Consumer-Brand Relationships.
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  • Karampela, Maria
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