University of Strathclyde Thesis Copyright Information & Permissions - Version 1.0

The author retains copyright and moral rights for their thesis as indicated by the relevant statement in this digital version, unless indicated otherwise.

Unless stated otherwise the relevant rules around reuse of a thesis are:

- A copy may be downloaded without requirement for prior permission or charge, so long as this is for the purpose of personal non-commercial research or study.
- No reproduction or republication in digital or other media of this work or extensive quotation from the text is allowed without first obtaining permission in writing from the Author.
- No alteration of the content nor commercial sale of the content in any format or medium is permitted without the formal agreement of the Author.
- Full bibliographic details including the author, title, awarding institution and date of the work must be given in all references to this thesis.

If you are a rights owner and/or have any concerns about the content of a thesis, please read the information below and contact us if required.

Notice & Takedown statement for digital theses

If the Library is notified of a potential breach of copyright within the digital version of a thesis, or receives a complaint indicating a violation of publishers' rules or other relevant concern, the digital item involved will be removed as quickly as possible pending further investigation. Where the grounds for complaint are considered plausible, the digital material will be permanently withdrawn.

If you are a rights owner and are concerned about the potential digitisation of your material, please contact the please contact the Library indicating the title, author and year of the thesis concerned.

If you are the author of a pre-2009 higher research degree thesis awarded by the University of Strathclyde and you do not wish the digitised copy of your thesis to be made publicly available you have the right to request it is removed. Contact

Enquires about this licence and copyright statement can be directed to