The formation, properties and behaviour of coastal soft soil deposits at Perlis and other sites in peninsular Malaysia

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 1995
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  • T8470
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  • Peninsular Malaysia coastal soft soil deposits have their own unique characteristics and properties which are quite different from other tropical and temperate soft soil deposits. This research study reviews the formation of coastal soft soil deposits with emphasis on the formation of Peninsular Malaysia coastal soft soil deposits. Factors influencing the formation and deposition of Peninsular Malaysia are described. Previous research work carried out on the properties of Peninsular Malaysia coastal soft soil deposits is reviewed. A detailed study of the properties was carried out on the coastal soft soil deposit at the trial embankment site in Kuala Perlis. The properties of the trial embankment site were determined from field testing, including field vane and piezocone which were carried out prior to construction of the trial embankment. Laboratory testing, including consolidation tests, strength tests, chemical tests and fabric analysis were carried out on undisturbed samples obtained from the trial site. Field behaviour of the trial embankment was monitored using several types of instrumentation, including pneumatic piezometers, inclinometers and settlements plates. Although two trial embankments were constructed at the trial site, the present research study only deals with the data obtained from the South embankment, which was constructed at a rapid rate of construction and completed in 36 days. The other embankment, North embankment, which was constructed at a slow rate of construction continues to be monitored. Computer analyses using two standard programs were carried out to compare predicted results with actual field behaviour. Comparison of the field behaviour of the trial embankment were also made with two other trial embankment sites at Muar and Juru in order to study the similarity and differences in the behaviour of the two trial embankments with that at Perlis.
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  • McGown, Alan
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