Characterising network asset uncertainty on distribution networks

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  • University of Strathclyde
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  • 2024
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  • T16946
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  • 201887442
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  • The integration of domestic electric heat pumps at LV (low-voltage) level forms a key component of the UK’s heat and buildings decarbonisation strategy. However, the traditional constraints of distribution power networks – limited communication and control, with low system visibility – imposes several challenges when attempting to quantify future network impacts of increased heat pump adoption at LV level. Electrical heat load is sensitive not onlyto temperature, but locally variable parameters such as building construction and occupant demographics. This work builds on previous research by developing novel methodologies for the localisation of electrical heat load from trial and operational data augmented by supplemental datasets, overcoming the limitations of using pure trial data when aiming to quantify local electrical heat load and consequent network effects. This addresses the need toquantify potential LV network impacts in the absence of complete data and enhances the potential observability of distribution network assets without the need for investment in additional monitoring hardware.
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  • McArthur, Stephen, 1971-
  • Stephen, Bruce
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